Glass Winter Gardens

Our Winter gardens are for everyone
If you like flowers and also a quiet sitting? Then you will surely love it. You say you live in a panel house? Even on the loggia you can make one such small cozy.
Winter Gardens made of aluminum are here for you
Planning takes some time, because you have to invent its location. In addition, you must consider all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of materials (construction-plastic x aluminum, types of glass), etc. It is also important to choose the type of roof and it immediately follows the selection of shielding technology.
Glazing of Winter Gardens
We offer not only Winter gardens, but also glazing of Winter Gardens. You can choose from several types of glass, it is up to you what you want and what your budget is. We offer insulating double glazing, double glazing with plated surface, insulating glass with thermal foil and also glued safety glass.