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What Type of Paint Sheen Should you Use on your Wall?

There is happiness in building a house. As happy as you may feel when building, you have to be prepared to spend a lot. Painting comes in once you are done building the house. It does not end at painting alone; you also need a final coat for a perfect finish. You must select one that is just right. If you do not get it right, you will end up doing a disappointing job. A too bright sheen does not bring good results, and a dull one does not look good either. Such errors can be avoided when you are more informed about the different sheens available. You will not only love your house, but you will go for years without thinking about repainting your home. The paint sheens you should know about are gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, flat and eggshell.

For areas such as the kitchen, living room, polish the paint with eggshell sheen. You do not have to sweat yourself much when cleaning off any stains from this wall. For that reason, you should never use it when paining outer parts of the house. The second one (flat) is also great for dining rooms, living rooms, and office spaces. It works great for such spaces because it seals any areas with dents. Next, you have satin sheens, which you will mostly find in busy places such as schools, children’s playing room as well as their sleeping area. The advantage of satin sheen is that it is sparkly and therefore cleans off well. You also have semi-gloss that is not only easy to wash but is the most lustrous of them all. It is best for cooking areas, bathrooms, and windows.

Gloss is the last of the six. In terms of shininess, this one comes first. In places that require some level of cleaning, doors and cabinets, you should use this option. Check out any home that has been recently built, and you will notice a big difference in the painting. Matte is the number of sheen that most people will go for, for their homes or offices. That is no surprise because it is not costly. It can be quite challenging to scrub matte walls which is why it should only be used in less crowded areas. You also don’t want to go for eggshell walls if you are not prepared for frequent painting. since it can be daunting to know which works best for your space, it is best to know that sheens with the highest level of shine cost more.

For a perfect finish, always consult with someone who has been doing it. Otherwise, you risk buying the wrong wall coating. Only then can you be assured of a job well done.

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