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Tips to Prevent Loss of Hair

Loss of hair is something that could be very disturbing. Some medication drugs you are given are likely to make you lose your hair. Loss of hair is one of the problems caused by the reaction of these drugs in our bodies. If you consider some of the ways below on how to stop hair loss, you might as well continue taking your important medication. The advice from your doctor if you consulted them maybe, to start another medication too. You might find that you don’t have much of option if it is the medication that caused this. As for now, try using these tips.

Incorporate more fatty acids in your diet. I mean you try eating foods with more fatty acids. The growth of hair is associated with these compounds. They are the ones responsible for stimulation of hair sacks. For your hair to remain active and there, you require perfect hair follicles. The rate at which your hair growth can only be achieved by stimulating the growth of hair which is what you require. A rich source of fatty acids could be the fish oils. Eating fish for breakfast, lunch and for supper might not be that achievable. But you can look for the oil and take some like some prescription every day. A fish known as mackerel is known for being a rich source of fatty acids, you could buy some too.

Minoxidil is a medicine able to counteract baldness and hence also a nice way to counteract hair loss.The use of minoxidil is only limited to men. After washing your head you apply it in form of foam. Hair fading away to baldness is not what this drug treats. It is not very promising when it comes to when you see the change you expected. Reasonable change to some people comes for as late as four months of using it. It is not yet proven by the scientists how it deals with hair loss that has been caused by medication. Even though, you might consider giving it a try.

Attempt using Biotin Shampoo. Is your scalp usually sensitive? If yes, then biotin shampoo could be the best way to have your hair regrouping. It is a vitamin B-complex that is naturally given out by the body. It is put in beauty products while manufacturing them, to ensure you have a healthy skin and hair. In case you are losing hair because of some medication, then this may not assist controlling it. If this is the only remaining option then stopping your medication would be the only solution.

You ought to see your hair regenerating in not more than four months if the loss was being caused by medication.
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